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Parenting with Scripture: A Must-Have for all Parents


Parenting with Scripture is a wonderful tool that I believe all parents should have. Ms. Durbin breaks down topics that all parents deal with by providing the definition of the word, Bible verses that reference the topic, discussion, take action and parenting tip. All of these things are a vital tool for all Christian parents; it helps tremendously to have it right at your fingertips.

I have been looking for a resource to help me with parenting my young children and especially my soon-to-be teenage daughter. I found it with this book; I am truly amazed at how this book is written in a way for parents to understand and how she really wants us to teach our children the word of God.

I definitely recommend this book to all Christian parents and if you know someone who is need of a good parenting book, pass it on to them. In this newly updated version, she has provided a section on identifying teachable moments in our child’s life. I found this area to be helpful, because with the age difference in my children, their teachable moments are not going to be the same.

Ms. Durbin has also provided a section on scripture for memorization, which I love, and activities as well as interests. Thank you Ms. Durbin for writing a must have for us parents.

“I received a complementary copy of this book from Moody Publishers for my honest review.”


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