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Secrets are best told not hidden!!!!!

Secrets is the first book in the Glenbrooke series by Robin Jones Gunn. In this story we meet Jessica Morgan who comes to Glenbrooke to become a High School English teacher and to run from her father.

Jessica has made it to Glenbrooke but upon arrival she is in a wreck and is rescued by the handsome Kyle, he stays with her till help arrives and then follows her to the hospital, knowing she has no family or friends in this new town.  Kyle befriends her and she doesn’t know why, she has no intention on getting close to anyone. While in the hospital she finds out that the principal of the high school where she will be teaching is in the hospital and doesn’t know anyone, now she is worried about what she will do. Kyle takes her to check on her car and she finds her car is totaled and now she is in a new town, with no car and only $12 to her name.

Her new life is off to a rocky start and seems to get worse until she goes on a mission trip to Mexico and then finds that she needs God in her life and accepts Him in the dark truck that is stuck in the mud. Kyle finds her and then he shares his secret with her and then she only shares a little about hers with him. Its there she admits she likes him and they agree to go out once they get back home.

While on their date, Kyle asks Jessica more about her secret and she gets frustrated and blows up at him again and that next morning he tells her he bought her a plane ticket and car rental for her to go work things out with her father. She goes and tells her father that she wants know part of the company and withdraws from being the Vice President and sharing her shares.

When she returns to Glenbrooke, she gives Kyle a check for $500,000 and tells him who her father is, he is upset and gets mad and leaves. She tells her friend Teri everything and its at the school board meeting does Kyle speak up for Jessica and lets the town know how much he loves her.

Secrets is the first adult novel written by Robin Jones Gunn and I loved it, in this novel we are taught a lesson, a lesson that God loves us no matter who we are and no matter what our secrets are but that if we don’t tell our secrets to someone they will have a way of destroying us or keep us from happiness.

I received this book for WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing for my honest review.


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