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The Chance by Karen Kingsbury

In this wonderful book by Karen Kingsbury we learn about chances, chances at love, forgiveness, and the chance at a relationship with God. Here we meet Ellie Tucker and Nolan Cook who are best friends that always are together until Ellie’s Mom and Dad separate because her mom (Caroline Tucker) has a secret, she had been having an affair and is pregnant, and her dad (Alan Tucker) kicks her mom out and decides to take a job and move him and Ellie to San Diego. Ellie is devasted and runs to Nolan to let him know she is moving, they both are upset, so they both write letters to each other and put them in a tackle box and bury them in their spot at the park and agree that in eleven years they will meet and read the letters.

Years pass and now we find Nolan Cook is a famous basketball player and Ellie Tucker has a daughter and is a hairdresser. She has not spoken to her father in almost 7 years and has not attempted to contact her mother or Nolan, but Nolan is never far from her thoughts and Ellie is never far from Nolan’s thoughts. He misses her like crazy and could never love anyone like he does her.

Ryan who is a guitar player for Peyton Anders the guy who Ellie’s mother had an affair with, searches for Caroline because he wants to see how she is and if she needs anything does he hear her story, how she lost her daughter and how her daughter lost her best friend. Then Ryan meets Nolan at a game where him and his wife bring a dying boy to meet Nolan, there Ryan finds out that Nolan is the friend of Ellie’s that Caroline talked about. Ryan prays for all of them.

Ellie decides to take her daughter and go to Savannah to see her mom when her dad brings her all the letters her mom had ever written to her. But most importantly because the eleven year mark is coming up and she wants to get to the tree before Nolan. But chance would have that her and Nolan would see each other before that day but she shuts him out, and on the morning of June 1st she is leaving to go back to San Diego and feels a pull to stop at the tree, there she finds a surprise, Nolan is there and she wants to run but instead she stays and they read the letters and she realizes that they have been given another chance.

Another chance at love, at happiness, and another chance to let God lead her life, so from that moment on she has the man she loves, a wonderful daughter, her mom and her dad but most importantly she has that relationship with God that she had let go of so many years before.

We all have a chance and we all have been given a chance but what we decide to do with it will determine the outcome of our lives.

I received this book from the publisher through for my honest review.


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