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Though My Heart Is Torn, Breathtaking and Wonderful!!!!!


Though My Heart is Torn by Joanne Bischof,  is the second book in her The Cadence of Grace series.  Even though it is the second book of the series, it is the first that I have had the opportunity to read but will say I definitely will read the first one, Be Still My Soul.

Lonnie and Gideon O’Riley are a young married couple who have came a long way in their marriage. Lonnie receives a letter from home telling her that her mom is sick and they need to return at once. Seeing how upset Lonnie is, Gideon decides that they will travel home. But the surprise they are waiting when they return.

Gideon has two wives and is forced to leave his family to cleave to his first wife, Cassie. He doesn’t want to let Lonnie and his son, Jacob go but he has to do what is right. This is the hardest thing that he has ever had to do. This decision leaves Lonnie going back home with her son and younger sister without her husband. How will she ever survive?

Though My Heart Is Torn is truly a remarkable story about doing what is right even though it feels so wrong. Will Gideon learn to love Cassie again and will Lonnie be able to make it without her husband? With faith in God, they all can do what God’s will is for their lives.

The tears will come as you read through this novel and the decisions you think are going to be made will not be but the story is fascinating and will keep you in suspense.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Though My Heart is Torn and highly recommend it. You definitely will not be sorry you read it.

I received this book through Waterbrook Multnomah for my honest review.


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