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Wonderful story of Love


Déjà vu Bride by Debra Ullrick is the sequel to The Bride Wore Coveralls and I truly enjoyed reading both books. In Déjà vu  Bride, we have the story of Olivia Roseman and Erik Cole (Camara’s brother). Erik has moved to Charity, West Virginia and has hired a new graphics artist, Olivia Roseman who has a past of heartache and loss. She hides it all from Erik and when she finds her self falling in love with him, she is afraid and does not want to admit it. Erik is  in love with her and has been since he laid eyes on her but doesn’t want to take it further until he knows for sure if she is a Christian.

The story is wonderful and shows us that God never gives up on us and if we just trust Him, things will work out for the best. Olivia finally realizes that its not God’s fault and turns back to Him. God will never leave or forsake us, but it us up to us not to let the enemy win when it comes to the hardships we have in our lives. God loves us and is always there for us and in this book you will find this to be so true.

I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who has ever been mad at God for the way things have turned out in their life.

This book was provided to me by the author for my honest review.


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