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Splitting Harriet!! copy

Splitting Harriet is about Harriet, a PK (preacher’s kid) who loves Jelly Belly jelly beans, the tv show The Coroner, and dislikes all the changes taking place at her dad’s church.  I picked this book for review and thought I would love to read it, it looks very interesting, I even checked the reviews on this book and was impressed and thought I definitely will like it. I couldn’t get into this book the way I have others, I tried many different times to get into it and  I just couldn’t.

I’m an avid reader who will read just about anything and can read a book in just a few hours but this book could not hold my attention. What I did read made me feel like more emphasis was put on the number of Jelly Belly’s she had, or how things were changing in the church just to get more people in. Harriet did not like those changes, I can’t blame her for that, you shouldn’t change a church to please the people. By conforming to the world, your allowing more of the world to come in and run things.

Some of you may enjoy this book and may have already read it, but I am just voicing my opinion, an opinion that is solely mine.

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for my honest review.”


2 thoughts on “Splitting Harriet!!”

  1. Your Welcome! it has some good reviews, but it wasn’t one that I could get into at this time. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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