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My Hope Is Found


My Hope Is Found is Book 3 in the Cadence of Grace Series by Joanne Bischof and picks up where she left off in Though My Heart is Torn. All Gideon wants is to be with his family, Lonnie and his son Jacob and he is so happy when he has the chance to find his way back home. On his way home he works for an old friend helping to graft apple trees and to make some money to take back home with him. Gideon didn’t want to return home until he knew he was a free man but it isn’t that easy.

Upon his return to Fancy Gap, He finds his beloved Lonnie engaged to another man but he will not give up very easily. Lonnie is shocked to see Gideon back in her life and know she knows she will have to choose who she wants to be with. She will have to follow her heart.

Gideon finally learns that he needs to put his life in God’s hands and let God lead him. After many trials and twists and turns, will Gideon finally be a free man to marry Lonnie again? Will Lonnie choose Gideon over Toby? Will they be a family again?

Ms. Bischof did a wonderful job with this novel and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Cadence of Grace Series and definitely recommend it to all.

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”


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