Time4learning.com Review

I had the opportunity to review time4learning.com for 30 days. I want to begin by saying that this is an amazing program for homeschoolers or public/private school students. My children loved the layout and loved how easy it was to navigate around the site. I loved being able to keep a check on their progress. They were able to log in and go straight to work, they picked out what they wanted to work on for the day. The graphics that are used were top of the line, and the videos kept my kids interested. My girls loved it so much that they could have spent hours upon hours doing the lessons.

Time4learning.com is something that I highly recommend to all homeschool parents/students. The only drawback that I have with time4learning is the price, its $19.95 per month for PreK through 8th grade and $14.95 per month for each additional PreK through 8th grade student you have, and then $30 per month for High school which includes 4 courses. As a stay at home/homeschool mom and my husband is the only one working, $49.85/per month is too much to pay.

Overall I give time4learning a 5/5 stars!!!!


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