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Food Triggers


Food Triggers


Rhona Epstein, Psy.D


*Thank you to Worthy Publishing for providing me a copy of this book for my honest review.*


Do you struggle with cravings? Do you want to eat well and live better? Then this book is definitely for you.

Rhona Epstein is not only a licensed psychologist and certified addictions counselor but she also struggled with food addictions her self. Written from her own personal experience, Ms. Epstein uses practical applications, biblical insight and true stories of struggle and success.


In Food Triggers you will discover:

  • The chemical explanation for how, when, and why you eat.
  • How you can stop obsessing about what you will eat.
  • How to embrace your heart’s true desires.
  • How you can help a loved one who is addicted to food.
  • Why addictive eating is a physical, emotional, and spiritual problem that must be addressed on all three levels.


There is also a reader’s discussion guide and notes to help you further. I really enjoyed reading Food Triggers and am not ashamed to say that I have food addictions and this book is exactly what I needed to help me overcome the addictions, to end the cravings, eat well and to live a better life.


I have been provided with a copy to giveaway and you can enter this giveaway by going to my Facebook page, and also be sure to leave your comments below and tell me Why should you win a copy of Food Triggers?



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