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Echoes of Mercy

Echoes of Mercy


Kim Vogel Sawyer

Echoes of Mercy is a story about truth, lies and secrets.  Caroline Lang has to go undercover to investigate an accident at the Dinsmore’s World-Famous Chocolates Factory in Sinclair, Kansas. Oliver Dinsmore decides to go undercover in his father’s factory to see how things are run before he takes it over. They both hide their identities so no one will know who they really are and what their intentions are.


Caroline and Oliver become friends and feelings are growing between them. How can they have a relationship when the truth come out? Will the truth destroy the growing love? Will she find out how and why the accident happened? Will he find out what he wants to know about the company?


I love historical fiction and if you do too this is the book for you.



*I received this book from the publisher for my honest review*



You can visit the author’s website here:

Read the First Chapter here:



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