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Twirl: A Fresh Spin on Life




Patsy Clairmont

*Thank you to the publisher and BookLook Bloggers for the copy of this book*

About the Book:


Is life making you so dizzy that you’re forgetting what’s most important?

Patsy Clairmont loves a good twirl. The kind that will make a child fall to the ground, squeal with laughter, and then want to get up and spin in circles some more! However, there is a twirl where busy schedules and urgency create a different and unwanted variety of dizzy into our lives.

Though hurry-up is part of the human dilemma and certain seasons bring more of it than others, if it becomes a lifestyle you might find yourself on the slippery slopes of bitterness, sadness, and depression. Patsy’s hope is to help her readers maintain a dynamic view on life—with activities and choices that lead to renewal and peace. So take a little stroll with Patsy Clairmont through Twirl, and allow her unique perspective and deep well of biblical wisdom to realign your spin on life.


About the Author:


An original Women of Faith® speaker, Patsy Clairmont combines quick wit and depth of biblical knowledge in a powerful pint-size package. A recovering agoraphobic with a pronounced funny bone, Patsy speaks to women from all walks of life. Patsy and her husband, Les, live in Tennessee.


To learn more about Patsy and to see what cities she is coming to, please visit her website:


My Review:


I absolutely love Patsy Clairmont and truly enjoyed hearing her speak at Women of Faith in 2012. Her love for God and for the ministry shows in everything she does and when I seen she had a new book coming out, I could not wait to read it.  In her new book, she stepped on my toes yet again.


How many of you used to love to twirl when you were little? I know I did and so do my little girls. Just seeing them laugh and fall and do it again makes me realize how fun it is to not have a care in the world. As an adult, our lives are crazy, we are always going here, going there. Some of us have to have a busy schedule in order to live, and some of us just wish our lives weren’t so busy. How does that busy schedule affect our walk with God?

In her new book Twirl, Patsy helps us learn to see how we can maintain a dynamic view on life in the midst of all our errands, appointments and our over all crazy life. Using her biblical wisdom, Patsy will show us what the Bible has to say about taking control of our lives and letting God work in it.


I highly recommend this book to all woman who live a busy life, to all stay at home moms whose schedules are based around their children and most of all to the one who is lost.


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