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Mercy Like Sunlight!!


Mercy Like Sunlight


Liz Curtis Higgs



I love reading Liz Curtis Higgs books and I really enjoyed seeing her last year at Women of Faith. She is on fire for God and it shows in her books and the way she speaks. When I seen she was coming out with a new book, a novella to be specific, I couldn’t wait to read it.


Mercy Like Sunlight is a story about a woman, who lives in a old home, she has scars on her arms from where she cuts herself, and has a wounded heart, filled with grief and regret. She feels like no one cares, no one wants her around, she even has a nick name, Mad Mary. She has demons in her life that will not let her be.


Pastor Jake is walking when he runs into this lady. He is deeply moved by what he sees, someone who needs help and he is concerned with her. He is the Pastor of a small church and in time invites Mary to church. She comes but then runs out, she is scared and doesn’t know how to handle her life.


Will Mary learn to let go and let God in her life? Will Pastor Jake be able to help her find her way to God?


I love how Ms. Higgs takes the biblical story of Mary Magdalene and Jesus and turns it into a wonderful story of redemption, love and trust. You will definitely not be disappointed in this novella, I highly recommend it to all Christian Fiction lovers.

Learn more about Liz Curtis Higgs by visiting her website at:

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review.


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