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What Follows After


What Follows After


Dan Walsh


What Follows After is the first book by Dan Walsh that I have read, and I must say I loved it!! Mr. Walsh has a way to make you feel like you’re in the story. I love being able to read books by authors I haven’t encountered yet.


What Follows After is set in 1962, where things were calmer then they are now. Televisions in black and white, families stayed together, and the world seemed like a better place (well TV shows portrayed it that way). This novel is also set during the Cuban Missile Crisis.


Scott and Gina are having martial problems, but put on a front for school functions, family and friends. They don’t want everyone knowing that they are separated. Colt and Timmy are tired of their parents fighting and decide to run away to show them they need to be together. Tragedy strikes during this plan. Timmy is kidnapped!


Colt, Timmy’s brother, tells the story as he travels to a home that he has inherited. Will Timmy be found okay? Will his parents get back together? What is going to happen in everyone’s lives? Pick up a copy today and find out!!


What Follows After is definitely a must read and you will not be disappointed.


I received a copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review


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