Creative Writing Class

Hey everyone,

I am in the process of going to school for creative writing. Tonight, I had to submit a short story of 250-300 words. Here is what I wrote… I would love to have your feedback.






Crystal Scott





“Mom, can you make her stop?” yelled Amy. “What is she doing now?” Mom yelled from the kitchen. “If only I could catch a break, If only they would listen to me.” Is what Claire told herself everyday. She never imagined her life would turn out like this. She thought her marriage would last, her kids would not fight and she would be happy. Boy was she wrong her life was a DISASTER.


Amy stormed into the kitchen yelling, “Mom, are you going to do something about Sarah? She kept yelling in my ear while I was talking to Mark.” Claire replied, “Amy, all she wants is your attention. You don’t do anything with her anymore. If you’re not on the phone, you’re on the computer. She is your sister.” Amy stormed off mumbling under her breath.


When will things get better? Will she ever find time for something she wants to do? Maybe after the kids either move out or go to college, but that is five years from now. Can she really handle it until then?


Amy doesn’t understand why her mom doesn’t do anything to Sarah for being a pain. She is always messing with her things, listening in on her phone calls. She remembers telling her mom, “Mom, I’m 15 why can’t I have my own room? Sarah is always in my business.” But her mom always answers with the same thing, “Amy, I can’t afford to pay more in rent. She is your sister and she looks up to you. Sarah is only 8 years old, she needs you to be a good influence.”


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