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Barren Among the Fruitful by Amanda Hope Haley


Barren Among the Fruitful

Navigating Infertility with Hope, Wisdom, and Patience


Amanda Hope Haley



About the Book:


The problem of infertility has reached epidemic levels in our society. It is projected that 40 percent of women currently 25 and younger will have difficulty conceiving a child or reaching a live birth.

Amanda Hope Haley had married David, the man of her dreams, and earned a master’s degree from Harvard. She and David purchased their first home and settled down to start a family. All her hopes and dreams were coming true according to plan—until the family didn’t happen. After spending seven years begging God for a child, Amanda discovered that God gives only one hope: Jesus. Amanda having a baby wasn’t to be her happy ending. Finding wholeness by hoping only in God was her happy ending!

Using Amanda’s personal stories, and the stories of other women who have struggled to have children, Barren Among the Fruitful surrounds those women struggling with infertility or miscarriage with a sense of community while providing honest facts. It leads women from confusion to understanding. Each chapter is titled with a well-meaning, but sometimes thoughtless comment Amanda was offered during her seven-year struggle with infertility.

Features include:

  • Personal stories from women who have struggled with infertility or miscarriage
  • An honest look at the problem of infertility
  • Questions for individual thought or group discussion


About the Author:


Amanda Hope Haley enjoys leading small group studies in her home and serving however she can in her church. Amanda holds a Master of Theological Studies degree in Hebrew Scripture and Interpretation from Harvard University. She maintains a blog, “Healthy and Hopeful,” where she encourages women to live whole lives in community with God, family, and each other. She and her husband David live in Denver, Colorado.


My Review:


Barren Among the Fruitful is a wonderful study written by Amanda Hope Haley and is part of the Inscribed Collection from Thomas Nelson. “InScribed is a collection of studies by women inspired by Proverbs 3:3, “Stay focused; do not lose sight of mercy and truth; engrave them on a pendant, and hang it around your neck; meditate on them so they are written upon your heart” (The Voice).”


I know a lot of women who have not been able to have children and I see the pain it has caused them. Some of these women adopt and some cling to the hope of one day having a baby. Barren Among the Fruitful is written from the Author’s own struggle with infertility. She uses her own personal story as well as other women’s stories. This study brings a different meaning to the struggles of infertility. Some of the features include: An honest look at the problem of infertility and questions for individual thought or group discussion.



This book is perfect for someone you know who struggles with infertility and even for the ones who don’t.


Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book for my honest review.


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