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Lizzy and Jane by Katherine Reay


Lizzy and Jane

Katherine Reay


Katherine Reay’s second novel is wonderful. Lizzy and Jane is a great novel that I couldn’t put down. Elizabeth is a chef at Feast, a restaurant in New York, but when they bring in a celebrity chef to help restore Feast’s reputation, Elizabeth realizes it is time for her to leave. Lizzy heads back to Seattle, her hometown, where she hasn’t been in sixteen years.


Jane is Lizzie’s sister who is currently going through chemotherapy for breast cancer, a cancer that killed their mom during Lizzie’s senior year of high school. Lizzy wants her sister to eat and she comes up with meals for her sister to eat even with messed up taste buds. Filled with fancy food names and descriptions, which you may or may not have heard of.


This is a great book that will have you laughing, crying and will make you hungry. Ms. Reay’s second novel is wonderful and definitely worth the purchase.


Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book for my honest review.


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