Be the Message: A 30 Day Devotional by Kerry and Chris Shook


Be the Message Devotional

A 30-Day Adventure in Changing the World Around You


Kerry and Chris Shook


About the Book:


The Gospel is not a well-crafted sermon. It is a life well lived. It is you. Drawn from the book Be the Message, this thirty-day devotional will help you cultivate your life message and live it out.

Over the course of a life-changing month, you will learn how the messes in your life can become a door of hope, discover new ways to love those in front of you, and find out how God is calling you to take a stand in the world.

Using Scripture, illustrations, and practical action steps, the Be the Message Devotional can bring you to a deeper understanding of how your life can make a difference and be the gospel to the world.

How will God live out his message through you?


About the Authors:


Kerry and Chris Shook founded Woodlands Church outside of Houston, Texas, in 1993. Since then the multi-campus church has grown to an attendance of over 18,000 people and is recognized for its ministries to the poor and powerless.  Woodlands Church also has one of the largest fair-trade/direct-trade stores in the country with the goal of lifting generations out of poverty by empowering their lives with hope. Thousands of people in over 200 countries tune in weekly to Pastor Kerry’s televised broadcasts. The Shooks’ first book, One Month to Live, is a New York Times bestseller. Kerry and Chris have been married thirty years and have four grown children.



My Review:


If you are looking for a great devotional that will help change the world around you then Be the Message is the devotional you need. Be the Message devotional can go along with their book entitle Be the Message or can be a stand-alone. 30 days of devotions using Scripture, illustrations and action steps will bring you closer to understanding how your life can make that difference.


I love how the daily devotions are written; each daily devotion has a section titled Open Yourself (to a dynamic encounter with God), Open God’s Word (to hear God’s message), Open Your Mind (to understand God’s message then and now), Open Your Heart (to the divine whisper), Open Your Life (to God’s transforming power), and Open Your Arms (to a world that needs to receive God’s incarnate message through you). Each section is designed to open your eyes to see what you need to get closer to God and to do what God has designed for you to do.


This is an excellent resource to add to your collection or to give as a gift. I highly recommend this devotional to everyone.


Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book for my honest review.


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