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The Art of Losing Yourself

9781601425928The Art of Losing Yourself
Katie Ganshert

About the Book:

Every morning, Carmen Hart pastes on her made-for-TV smile and broadcasts the weather. She’s the Florida panhandle’s favorite meteorologist, married to everyone’s favorite high school football coach. They’re the perfect-looking couple, live in a nice house, and attend church on Sundays. From the outside, she’s a woman who has it all together.  But on the inside, Carmen Hart struggles with doubt. She wonders if she made a mistake when she married her husband. She wonders if God is as powerful as she once believed. Sometimes she wonders if He exists at all. After years of secret losses and empty arms, she’s not so sure anymore.
Until Carmen’s sister—seventeen year old runaway, Gracie Fisher—steps in and changes everything. Gracie is caught squatting at a boarded-up motel that belongs to Carmen’s aunt, and their mother is off on another one of her benders, which means Carmen has no other option but to take Gracie in. Is it possible for God to use a broken teenager and an abandoned motel to bring a woman’s faith and marriage back to life? Can two half-sisters make each other whole? 

About the Author:

Katie Ganshert was born and raised in the exciting state of Iowa, where she currently resides with her family. She likes to write things and consume large quantities of coffee and chocolate while she writes all the things. She’s won some awards. For the writing, not the consuming. Although the latter would be fun. You can learn more about Katie and these things she writes at her website

My Review:

The Art of Losing Yourself is a must read for all. Katie Ganshert uses so many problems that we face everyday and helps us to understand how God works in them all. God’s plans for our lives are not what we have planned and in this book we see that all to clearly. Carmen Hart is a meteorologist and puts on a smiling face even though she is dying inside. After having miscarriages, all Carmen longs for is to be a mother but this stress has also put a strain on her marriage and leaves her doubting the choices she has made. Gracie Fisher is Carmen’s half-sister and runs away from home and an alcoholic mother. Gracie ends up at a motel that was owned by her mother and Carmen takes her sister in amidst all the troubles she is facing.

What will happen with Carmen’s marriage? Will Gracie and Carmen have a relationship that means something? Will they both learn to trust God? All these questions will be answered when you pick up the book. A great read that will teach you some valuable lessons. I truly loved this book and highly recommend it to all!!

Thank you to the publisher for providing me a copy of this book for my personal review!!!!


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