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A Heart’s Betrayal


A Heart’s Betrayal

Colleen Coble



A Heart’s Betrayal is Book Four in the Journey to the Heart series by Colleen Coble. A Heart’s Betrayal begins with Emmie Croftner having the funeral for her husband, after everyone leaves Emmie is startled by a knock on the door and the truth that awaits on the other side. Emmie’s deceased husband was a bigamist and had a child. Not only did she loose your “husband” but her home too. Emmie decides to go an stay with her friend Sarah Montgomery at Fort Laramie. Emmie arrives at Fort Laramie and helps Sarah, who is pregnant and longs for a new beginning. Needless to say, Emmie’s life was about to change forever.

Issac Liddle is smitten by Emmie and Emmie is the same with Issac but how can she have a relationship with all that is about to happen in her life. Emmie is expecting her dead husband’s child. What is she to do? What will happen with her blooming relationship with Issac? Believe me when I tell you, this is a great book and you will not put it down until your finished.

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book for my personal review!!


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