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BATHSHEBA Bathed in Grace


BATHSHEBA Bathed in Grace

How 8 Scandalous Women Changed the World


Carol Cook


About the Book:


Adultery, lies, deception, scandal, murder, cover-up, heartache, pain, and loss—stories with these sordid elements are relevant today. And women with shady pasts—labeled, shamed, and linked with tragedies—are part of our heritage. Bathsheba, a victim or temptress, Eve outside of Eden, Tamar posed as a prostitute, Leah stole her sister Rachel’s fiance… Sarah gave Hagar to her husband and Rebekah masterminds a grave deception.

About the Author:

Carol Cook is a highly sought after and respected author of “Bathsheba Bathed in Grace: How 8 Scandalous Women Changed the World”, Workshop Speaker, and expert in real stories of Bible women. Women’s Study Groups, Retreats, and Workshops have engaged her real, tangible, and touchable approach to Biblical Scripture. With her well-placed, poetic words, Carol allows readers to recognize how much they have in common with these biblical women…joys, pains, temptations, fears, hopes and, most of all, questions to God about the “whys” of their lives. Further, while contemporary women may think they are “broken” or “victims,” they will find that, like the women in Bathsheba Bathed in Grace, they are enough.

My Review:


When you think of Women of the Bible you think of the good ones not the bad ones or you think of things they did that was pleasing to God. The women of the Bible were just as scandalous as women are today. They betrayed their husbands, they sinned against God, and they did things that they regretted.


When I began to read Bathsheba Bathed in Grace, I began to notice a pattern in the women and how sin got the better of them and then I noticed how real their problems are compared to my own as well as others. Would I have done these same things if I were in their positions? More and likely Yes I would have, but these actions did not surprise God, He knew what they would do. In the end, these women repented and the Lord forgave them.


This is definitely a must read, you will enjoy the stories of these scandalous women of the Bible!


I received an ebook from the publisher for my own honest review.


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