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Lazarus Awakening


Lazarus Awakening

Joanna Weaver


We all have heard the story of Lazarus and how Jesus raised him from the dead. How can you use Lazarus’ story to awaken your own faith and find your place in the Heart of God? Joanna Weaver’s new Bible study will show you how you can do all that and draw closer to God in the process.


Jesus arrived to find that Lazarus had been dead for four days, Martha was upset and Jesus that he was four days late. Jesus went on to tell Martha “He is the resurrection and the life, anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying.” Martha was confused and didn’t understand, she knew that there would be a resurrection day. Martha led Jesus to where Lazarus laid, Jesus yelled, “Lazarus come forth” and Lazarus came out still wrapped in the grave clothes.


When you Martha told Jesus he was four days late, Jesus knew he was right on time because God’s timing is not our own. God stands apart from time and space!!! Lazarus was a close friend of Jesus’ but his death did not take Him by surprise He knew Lazarus was going to die.


Lazarus means God is my help. God should be our help, the one we turn to in every turn of our life. I love how Joanna uses Lazarus’ story to help us view our relationship with God in different light. Joanna writes, “The story of Lazarus reveals the scandalous availability of God’s love if we will only reach out and accept it. Even when we don’t deserve it. Even when life is hard and we don’t understand.” I have learned so much through reading Lazarus Awakening and by letting God call me out of the tomb and out of the grave clothes to become closer to Him.


I promise you will not be disappointed in Lazarus Awakening and will use what you learn everyday of your life. T

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Thank you to the publisher for providing me a copy of this book for my own review. All opinions expressed here are my own.




6 thoughts on “Lazarus Awakening”

  1. Crystal, you make me want to read the book. I get so impatient waiting on things to fall in place and realize later that things happen exactly when and as they should. Thank you for sharing this!


  2. Crystal, I would love to read this book! I especially like the cover. The description makes me want to read it and I love biblical stories!


  3. I’m on that journey now, learning and praying on my walk now. I making God and Jesus the center of my life. Every step I take on I’m work in progress. I want to learn more about God and Jesus their my all. Thank you God bless you. Would love the privilege of reading the book


  4. Thank you for commenting!! I use to choose the winners. Congrats!!! To Janice L. and Sheri Walton.


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