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Wicked Women of The Bible


Wicked Women of the Bible

Ann Spangler


We have all read about Jezebel, the Woman at the well, Deborah, Ruth, and Miriam along with plenty other women of the Bible. We know the good ones very well, but what about the wicked and the wicked good women of the Bible. Ann Spangler takes 20 of those women and discusses them in her new book, Wicked Women of the Bible.


What can the story of these ladies tells us about living our lives for God? Digging deeper into their lives actually tells us about God’s invincible love and the salvation he has to offer us. Ann has included sections that include historical and cultural background that we do not find in the Bible, a brief Bible Study that will enhance this book to both individuals, book clubs, and groups of women that love to study God’s word together.


I really enjoyed reading about these women and have found a new respect for them and for the lessons that they have taught me. I highly recommend this book to all!


Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book for my honest review.


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