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Brave Enough

Brave-EnoughBrave Enough

Nicole Unice

About the Book:

Find the courage to be who you are―not who you wish you were.

Is fear holding you back from becoming your best self? Does it add stress to your day and keep you up at night? What could be different if you let go and started living brave today?

Bravery doesn’t have to mean cliff diving out of your comfort zone. Life is about being brave enough―for yourself, for God, for your tasks, and for your calling―right where He’s placed you. A brave-enough life is one lived fully and confidently, with your shoulders relaxed and free from the weight of responsibility and the burden of trying too hard.

Nicole Unice, author of She’s Got Issues, wants that life to become a reality for you. She challenges you to get real about where you are right now―the places where you feel too scared to change, too tired to endure, or too worried to let go. Through personal stories and practical application, Nicole will lead you on a journey to harness all of your misspent doubts, concerns, and fears―and discover what God is saying about who you can be. Don’t miss the companion Brave Enough DVD Group Experience (UPC 031809201381)!

About the Author:910pJQxYA0L._SY200_

Nicole Unice is a fresh voice for the next generation. Part bible teacher, part ministry leader, part busy mom-Nicole has the uncanny ability to relate to people in all ages and stages of life with her “keeping it real” approach to ordering a life around God’s word. Her books speak to discovering the relevancy of God’s Word in everyday life.

Nicole’s invitations to speak have taken her across the country to conferences and women’s retreats, big and small. Her heart belongs to Hope Church, where she serves as ministry director, leading a full-time residency program called Praxis and supporting the mission and vision of Hope. You can catch her podcasting every Tuesday with senior pastor David Dwight, where they spend 15 minutes talking about “God’s truth and modern life” and laughing about all kinds of other things. David and Nicole have co-authored a new book called “Start Here: Beginning a Relationship with Jesus”, which releases in April 2014.

Nicole received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the College of William and Mary and her masters in Christian Counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. She loves creating a space for ministry and spiritual formation in the everyday rhythms of life with her awesome husband Dave, their three young children, and a mischievous puppy named Shep. Nicole is known for making friends in all corners of the world-especially via social media. So connect with her on her Facebook page or via Twitter-and hopefully face to face at one of her upcoming events.

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My Review:

Do you long to be someone your not? Is fear holding you back? I can answer yes to both of these questions. I have always been afraid to be the true me and I let that fear take over my life. Nicole Unice has written a great book called, Brave Enough: Getting Over Our Fears, Flaws, and Failures to Live Bold and Free. This is truly a life saving book.

Nicole tells us that bravery doesn’t have to mean cliff diving out of our comfort zone, but being brave enough for you, for God, for our daily tasks and for our calling, right where He has placed us. Being confident in knowing we can be who God has called us to be. Living confidently and not trying so hard.

I know your probably saying, “it’s easier said than done” but in reality its just as easy if we want it to me. Nicole gives us personal stories and practical application to become Brave Enough.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who struggles with, well Life!

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book for my honest review. All opinions expressed here are my own.


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