Buxton Peak Book One: Who Is Ian Taylor?

 Buxton Peak Book One: 13317039_1026068990818275_9149341355709367825_oWho Is Ian Taylor?

Who is Ian Taylor? Ian Taylor is the main character in Buxton Peak Book One: Who Is Ian Taylor? by Julie Spencer. This book releases today June 21, 2016. If you have Facebook and would like to join in on a Facebook Party with Julie for the release of Who Is Ian Taylor? please click the link below:


To Purchase your copy today click the link below: Free on Kindle Unlimited, $2.99 for Kindle copy and $9.95 for Paperback:


About the Book:

Ian just wanted to be loved for who he was on the inside…

When he meets Megan, a small town college girl at church in a remote part of Michigan, he figures out pretty quickly that she knows nothing about him. So he makes the decision to hide his fame from her.

His plan backfires when Megan finds out who he really is and decides she doesn’t want to live her life in his spotlight, with all the baggage that comes with it. She just wants to live a quiet life in rural Michigan with a normal husband and family.

Can she forgive Ian for his deception (and embarrassing her on live television)? Is she willing to give up her dreams in order to follow his? Or will Ian throw away everything he’s achieved to stay in her life?


About the Author:

Julie L. Spencer lives in the central Michigan area with her husband and teenage children. She has a very full life managing a conservation district office, writing grant proposals & book reviews, and chasing after several teenage athletes. Julie has been writing since she was in junior high, but prior to publishing The Cove, her only published work was her master’s thesis. She loves to read and write New Adult Contemporary Clean fiction and has several more novels and non-fiction projects in the works. Julie loves to hear from her readers and can be reached at juliespencer1998@gmail.com Follow Julie on Twitter @juliespencer98, Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/JulieLSpencerAuthorPage and her blog at http://opinions-are-just-that.blogspot.com/



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