Bible Studies

Redeemed Bible Study


Angela Thomas-Pharr

Redeemed: Grace To Live Every Day Better Than Before is Angela Thomas-Pharr’s new Bible Study. In 7 sessions, Angela will explore the practical side of redemption, inviting us to lean upon Jesus for our real help and hope. There a videos to correspond to each session. Session 1 is Redeemed from Sashes and Chains, Session 2 is Redeemed for a Life with God, Session 3 is Redeemed for the Praise of His Glory, Session 4 is Redeemed for Grace, Session 5 is Redeemed for Freedom, Session 6 is Redeemed for Joy and Session 7 is Redeemed for Love.

In this study, women learn how we can grow in the grace of Christ and how God has called us to extend that same grace to others. We are redeemed the moment that we ask Jesus into our hearts. This is such a great study that you can do by yourself or with another group of women. Its not required to have the videos to be able to complete this study, all you need is your Bible, the study guide, pens, highlighters and an open heart.

Thank you to B&H Publishers for providing me with a copy of this Bible Study for my honest review.


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