Listening for God’s Voice

As I sit here and ponder on the things that have happened in my life, I sit back and think “Have I always heard God’s voice about the decisions I have made?” If I haven’t then why did I do those things? The answer is simple because I wanted to control the decisions made in my life and I refused to trust God. WOW, did I just say that? Yes I did and admittance is the first step to recovery.

I find that I am not patient when it comes to listening for His voice or even trusting Him to see me through. I want to take control and fix it myself and in the end God will win either way. There are a lot of times it comes as a smack in the face or a big fat I told you so.
I am reminded by what Paul tells us in Galatians 5:22 -23, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, self-control. Against such things there is no law.” Patience is one of the fruits but why is it so easy not to have patience and why is it so easy to want to control our lives and not listen for God’s voice and not to trust Him.
Our Flesh is what stops us, the enemy is what stops us. That is why we need to put on the full armor of God and stay in His word and always listen for His voice, His direction, His guidance and most importantly, that is why we need to trust Him, trust that He will see us through no matter what we are going through, no matter what mountains are in our way, King Jesus can move them.

When I am having these kind of days, I always listen to Chonda Pierce’s God Loves You, because it reminds me that no matter the mountain, no matter the issue, God Loves Me. He loves me even if I don’t listen to His voice or even if I don’t place my trust in Him. I leave you today with this video, I hope it blesses you like it does me.



A New Beginning!!!!!!

Welcome to A Greater Yes Blog!!! My name is Crystal Scott and I want to thank you for stopping by. This first post is going to be an introduction post from me.

I am a stay at home mom, and full time student. Married to a wonderful man, Timothy and God has blessed us with 6 wonderful children. We have 3 beautiful daughters together: Marissa 12, Rebekah 10, and Chelsey 7, and 3 handsome men: Aaron 23, Eric 22, and Daniel 20. We have been together for 16 years, married for 14 of those. I know some of you are probably thinking “16 years?” and yes it is 16 years. My husband was married before and the boys are his from that marriage, but I don’t consider them my stepsons, I consider them my sons. I thank God everyday for bringing us together and giving us a big family.

I grew up in Church and had thought many times I had fully answered the call of salvation but on March 4, 2007 God worked on me till I finally surrendered my entire life to Him. That was a wonderful day and it was a wonderful feeling that I will never forget. Since then, I have seen God work in my life and in my children’s lives. All three of my daughters have given their lives to Christ and I had the honor of leading them in the prayer of salvation. It is a wonderful feeling to lead someone to Christ but when it is your own children it is a feeling that is beyond wonderful, it is a feeling that no one can take away.

I am growing in Christ day by day and I have surrendered to a call that God has placed on my heart. The call of becoming a Christian writer and speaker and I am so excited for this journey and can not wait to see where God leads me. That is why I am starting this blog, God has given me so many trials in my life and He has given me victories as well, but I feel I can help others and well they can help me. To be honest, I have had struggled with this calling for over 2 years now, but God made it clear to me during the Women of Faith Conference in Charlotte, NC this year and has since been giving signs and pushing me in the direction that I need to go. I am thankful for my husband pushing me to do this. It is wonderful to have someone there to push you, to help you or just to be your vent buddy and God has blessed me with those people in my life.

I look forward to posting and reading your comments. I am beginning Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Study of Greater by Steven Furtick; on Thursday I will be posting a blog on a select topic from this book. I look forward to seeing where God leads me in this study and in this new journey.

Thank you and God Bless!!!