The Wiersbe Study Bible, NKJV

The Wiersbe Study Bible, NKJV
Warren Wiersbe


About the Bible:

Now you can experience Dr. Warren Wiersbe’s lifetime of powerful Bible teaching in one place. Whether through his bestselling “BE Series” commentaries or his popular “Back to the Bible” radio ministry, Dr. Wiersbe has guided millions into a life-transforming encounter with God’s Word. Now, in this single volume, you have access to Dr. Wiersbe’s trustworthy, accessible explanations of the Bible’s truths and promises, through his comprehensive system of study and application notes. Make the most of your time reading, studying, and reflecting on Scripture with The Wiersbe Study Bible.

Features include:

  • Thousands of verse-by-verse notes by Dr. Wiersbe
  • Hundreds of Catalyst notes which more deeply reveal important biblical themes and character issues to motivate transformation by the Holy Spirit through the Word
  • Book introductions featuring Dr. Wiersbe’s historical background, themes, and practical lessons for each book of the Bible
  • “Be transformed” section in each book introduction specifically pointing to the life-changing impact of that particular part of Scripture
  • Thousands of cross references, showing the connections throughout the Bible
  • Concordance with key words for deeper word study
  • Full-color maps
  • Clear and readable 10.5-point NKJV Comfort Print®


About the Author:

Warren W. Wiersbe, former pastor of the Moody Church and general director of Back to the Bible, has traveled widely as a Bible teacher and conference speaker. Because of his encouragement to those in ministry, Dr. Wiersbe is often referred to as “the pastor’s pastor.” He has ministered in churches and conferences throughout the United States as well as in Canada, Central and South America, and Europe. Dr. Wiersbe has written over 150 books, including the popular BE series of commentaries on every book of the Bible, which has sold more than four million copies. At the 2002 Christian Booksellers Convention, he was awarded the Gold Medallion Lifetime Achievement Award by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. Dr. Wiersbe and his wife, Betty, live in Lincoln, Nebraska.


My Review:

I am a Bible fanatic!! A new Bible comes out and I have to have it. You can never put a price on your relationship with God, this is what my husband has told me several times but then he tells me, “Do you really need another Bible?” No, I don’t really need it but I want it.

Warren W. Wiersbe is the former pastor of Moody Church and wonderful theologian. He has written commentaries on every book of the Bible. When I seen that they were releasing a Wiersbe study Bible, I knew I needed it. I love everything about this Bible, especially the Catalyst notes that are throughout the Bible. The Be Transformed section is wonderful too, this section is found in the book introduction and it specifically points to the life-changing impact of that particular scripture.

There is so much about this Bible that is wonderful and it truly is a must have!!


I received a copy of this Bible for free, a honest review was not required of me. All opinions stated in this review are my own.


NKJV, Maxwell Leadership Bible, Hardcover

NKJV Maxwell Leadership Bible

Everyone has heard of John C. Maxwell who happens to be a bestselling author, coach, and speaker on Leadership. He brings his wisdom into the third edition of The Maxwell Leadership Bible. Maxwell believes that every Christ follower is a person of influence who with the right tools can use scripture to help build great leaders. There are principles of leadership that is taught in God’s word and Maxwell will teach you how to use them throughout this Bible.

John Maxwell has included his great features to help develop the leader within you while studying scripture. Some of these great features include:





21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Maxwell’s best-selling leadership insights from his forty-plus years of leadership successes and mistakes.




21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader: Another of Maxwell’s best-selling leadership concepts and he partners it with some of the well known and not so well known Bible characters that is found throughout scripture.




Leadership Principles: Hundreds of compelling short articles and notes on mentoring and influence.




Leadership Profiles: Over 120 drawn from the people of the Bible.




This is a great Bible to add to your study collection. If you are a leader in your church, work, club, etc. this Bible will help you take your leadership to the next level. Using scripture, John Maxwell’s knowledge and most importantly God, you can be the leader that you are meant to be.

I received a copy of this Bible for free, a favorable review was not required, these are my opinions and I chose to write this review.


NKJV Spirit Filled LIfe Bible

NKJV Spirit Filled Life Bible LeatherSoft


NKJV Spirit Filled Life Bible was produced by Jack Hayford and a team of respected, Spirit-led scholars. This is the third edition and is available in full color. This Bible has some great features such as:

Word Wealth—More than 650 word studies that shed light on key terms, drawing important meaning from the original Greek and Hebrew.




Kingdom Dynamics—Dozens of biblical themes are addressed in notes by Spirit-filled preachers, teachers, and writers, including many new contributors for this edition.



Truth-in-Action—Handy, helpful thematic charts provide practical application from every book of the Bible




Praying the Word—192 guided prayers based on significant passages throughout Scripture




Each one of these features bring new meaning to your Bible Study! They will challenge you, give you more information than a normal study Bible. I have found that the truth in action feature is wonderful and is my favorite. There are helpful charts that provides the foundations and teachings of each book. This feature shows us how to take the truth that is presented and to put it into action.

I love each feature of the updated Spirit Filled Life Bible and I know you will too.

I received a copy of this Bible for Free, a favorable review WAS NOT required. All opinions expressed are my own.


NKJV The American Woman’s Bible

NKJV American Woman’s Bible

_225_350_Book.1955.coverThe NKJV American Woman’s Bible is great for one who loves history. This Bible includes stories of woman, past and present, who have shaped and blessed America. Powerful words, actions and biblical virtues will help you develop the same strength of biblical character in your own life. This Bible includes many great features.

  • New King James Version
  • Theme articles show how biblical virtues have shaped our nation
  • Biographies of influential American women highlight key points of their lives
  • Inspirational quotes by or about great women, famous and not well known
  • Introductions to each book of the Bible
  • Essays about biblical virtues embodied in women during key chapters of America’s story
  • Ribbon Marker
  • Presentation page for gift-giving

This Bible is part of the Signature Series line by Thomas Nelson Bibles.

This another great Bible that I am honored to have. This is great way to teach our daughters!!!

Thank you to the publisher for providing me a copy of the Bible for my honest review.


NKJV Teen Bible

_140_245_Book.1907.coverNKJV Teen Bible






I’m always looking for a great Bible for my teen daughters, three to be exact. I want them to be able to have the ability to pick up God’s word to read and study it, but also have the access to different versions of the Bible. When I was given the opportunity to review the NKJV Teen Study Bible, I couldn’t pass the opportunity up. This is a hardback copy but is also available on Kindle as well. There are a lot of great features that go along with this Bible and those features are:

  • We Believe: Unpacks the Apostles Creed to reveal the biblical foundation of faith
  • Panorama: Keeps the big picture of each book of the Bible in view
  • Key Indexes: Helps with in-depth Bible Study
  • 91N02-j9K2L
    To The Point

    To the Point: Reveals what the Bible says about pressing issues

  • Dear Jordan: Offers biblical advice for teens

    Dear Jordan
  • Instant Access: Tells what God says to you personally
  • Q&A: Tests your knowledge of Bible trivia
  • Bible Promises: Highlights Bible Verses worth remembering
  • Book Introductions: Provides an overview for each 91fcCuTkUBLbook of the Bible
  • Complete New King James Version (NKJV) Bible TextA1mdEg-XWoL




Overall, this is a great Bible for any teen or pre-teen. This Bible will help your teen discover so much about God’s word and help them with issues that they face today. I highly recommend for ages 10-19.

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this Bible for my honest review.