Wonderful Bible!! Love It


The New Spirit-Filled Life Bible

By Jack Hayford


The New Spirit-Filled Life Bible is the perfect study Bible for anyone longing to go deeper into Gods Word and become better equipped to teach, speak or preach the gospel. This Bible has wonderful resources enabling you to get a fresh look at the Scriptures.


This Bible has features that are incredible. These features include Kingdom Dynamics, Word Wealth, Truth-In-Action, Detailed book introductions, verse-by-verse study notes, and In-text maps.


Kingdom Dynamics are 41 themes that are found throughout the Bible, grouped into nine related topics. Word Wealth is over 550 terms that are defined and pulled out from the text, that gives you the Greek and Hebrew interpretation of the words along with the definition. Truth-In-Action is a wonderful tool that uses charts with practical application from every book of the Bible. Detailed book introduction and verse-by-verse study notes are another great tool provided for the reader. In text maps are found from Genesis to Revelation.


This Bible is a hardback edition that comes with a dust jacket to protect it. Wonderfully put together and easy to read for anyone and I promise you will not be disappointed with this particular Bible.


I received a copy of this Bible from the publisher for my honest review.