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Preach to Yourself

Preach to Yourself
Hayley Morgan


About the Book:

Break the cycle of doubting yourself, take God at His word, and talk back with truth – a new message of freedom from bestselling coauthor of Wild and Free Hayley Morgan.

We know Christ came to speak life, but then how come our inner critic keeps showing up and stealing the mic? If we’re honest, she’s a harsh one, saying things we’d never dream of saying to others: You’ll never measure up, you’ll fail again tomorrow, you just can’t get it right.

It has been said that the eighteen inches from head to heart is the soul’s longest journey. Our head knows the good news is true, but our heart struggles to believe it, and it is in this gap that we battle to believe the promises of God.

Hayley Morgan, coauthor of bestselling book Wild and Free, has wrestled with this tension her whole life. In Preach to Yourself, she tackles it head-on to discover how we can renew our minds to renew our lives. For every woman who struggles with repetitive, negative self-talk, this book will show you how to identify the toxic loops where you get stuck and replace them with the truth of God we can believe with our whole selves.

This is not a “try harder” reprimand, it’s a “believe better” invitation: to take God at His word when He tells you who you are. Come along and learn a simple practice to break free from the lies holding you back, and step forward into the fullness of life God has planned.


About the Author:

Hayley Morgan is a speaker, social entrepreneur, and coauthor of the bestselling book Wild and Free. She also runs Nellie Taft, an online boutique featuring women’s clothes made in the USA. Hayley lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, with her husband and their four young sons. She blogs at



My Review:


I don’t know about you but I am always doubting myself. Doubting that I am good mother, good wife, good friend. Doubting my salvation and so much more. I have people that try to reassure me that I am all of the above and so much more, I struggle to believe it. To say I was ecstatic to receive Hayley Morgan’s new book, Preach to Yourself, only partially describes the feeling.

In Preach to Yourself, Haley will teach us to renew our minds so we can renew our lives. Taking God’s word and using it to fight the doubt, negativity, and toxic loops we are stuck in. Learning to fight it all and take back our lives. We have to replace it all with scripture and trust God that he will help us get through it all.

We need to surround ourselves with positive influences, drama free zones, and Christ-centered people. By taking everything Hayley lays out for us, we will fight those little voices in our head. We will overcome and be the woman of Christ we are called to be.


I received a copy of this book for free. A favorable review was not required. All opinions expressed are my own.




Just Rise Up Sarah Francis Martin


Just Rise Up

Sarah Francis Martin



About the Book:


Sarah remembers the exact moment when the relationship between her faith and her entire life came into clear focus. Sitting in her favorite red chair with a comfy blanket and a cup of hot tea, she snuggled in with her Bible and a new book. The book was huge, several hundred pages long, and yet it didn’t intimidate her. Written by the beloved Chuck Colson, How Now Shall We Live? focused the lens of Sarah’s life and spelled out a segregation that she had unknowingly been living with—a segregation between her faith and the rest of her life.

She has since come to understand that The Lord designed each and every one of us uniquely and put a dream in our heart that is attached to His agenda for this world.  Many of us have felt the stirring in our heart to make a difference with our life, yet we don’t always know how. The key, she found, was to surrender to God’s leading, seek him first, and allow him to do the big things He has planned with our life. In the end, God’s agenda and our dreams and passions will intersect around one very important phrase– a battle cry, if you will – “Make Jesus Famous!”

Based on Psalm 145, this invigorating study motivates women to do life differently by making Jesus famous in all aspects of life. Just RISE UP! is a call to get off the couch of complacency, live a life of praise with a humble posture and Kingdom perspective, and step into a life of true purpose.

Features include:

  • Verse by verse study of Psalm 145
  • Snippets of conversations with Sarah’s readers
  • Journaling prompts to help the reader dig deeper
  • Conversation guide for small groups


About the Author:


Sarah Francis Martin has a passion to do life and ministry with women and encourage them to RISE UP! and make Jesus famous in every part of life. Sarah is a graduate of Texas A&M University and Charles Colson’s Centurions discipleship program, an intense study of biblical worldview. Read more from Sarah in her book Stress Point: Thriving Through Your Twenties In A Decade Of Drama. (Thomas Nelson 2012)


My Review:


Just Rise up is part of the Inscribed collection from Thomas Nelson. “InScribed is a collection of studies by women inspired by Proverbs 3:3, “Stay focused; do not lose sight of mercy and truth; engrave them on a pendant, and hang it around your neck; meditate on them so they are written upon your heart” (The Voice).”

Based on Psalm 145, Sarah is taking us on a journey to put God as the main person in our lives and to make Jesus famous. God has called us to be disciples and to go out into the world and tell everyone about what He has done for us. Just Rise Up is the perfect study to get you up off of the couch of complacency and live a life of praise!!! Teaching us to step into a life of true purpose!! How many of you want that? I know I needed it!!


I loved how Just Rise Up is a verse by verse study of Psalm 145, includes snippets of conversations with the author’s readers, includes journaling prompts to help you dig deeper and it also has a conversation guide for small groups.


I highly recommend you pick this study up today!! You definitely will not be disappointed!


Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book for my honest review.

Bible Studies, Devotionals, Non-Fiction Books

The Inscribed Collection


The Inscribed Collection

By: Donna Gaines, Wendy Blight, Heather Zempel and Jenifer Jernigan



*A Special Thank You to BookLook Bloggers for providing me with copies of this collection for my honest review*




The Inscribed Collection is a collection of books written for women and consists of four books with more to come. I really enjoyed reading all four of these books and I highly recommend them to you whether you read them yourself or use them for a group Bible Study. Believe me you will not be disappointed and you will be refreshed and have a closer relationship with God.




Leaving Ordinary by Donna Gaines


In Leaving Ordinary, Donna Gaines is leading us in a Bible study to develop a deeper intimacy with Christ, the intimacy or relationship that Christ longs to have with us. In this wonderful book, we here from Mrs. Gaines on personal experience and see how prayer becomes the link between the believer’s heart and the heart of God.


Living “So That” by Wendy Blight

I find it hard to make decisions in today’s world and always find myself wanting to do the right thing and asking “What Would Jesus Do?” Wendy Blight is a wonderful author who leads us in a Bible Study of living our lives for Christ. With her fresh approach to scripture, we will see so many verses that include the phrase “so that,” for instance Pray so that, Jesus Came So That, God Spoke So That and etc. It is up to us to gain a new perspective on living our lives so that God will be pleased.


Amazed and Confused by Heather Zempel


In Amazed and Confused, Heather Zempel takes us on a journey through the book of Habakkuk. Here we see how the King Habakkuk prayed continuously for the backslidden nation of Israel and for God to bring change to it. Amazed and Confusion will help us see why God answers prayers a certain way and why there is always a greater yes when God says no.

Dive Deeper by Jenifer Jernigan


Have you ever wanted to dive deeper into your relationship with God? Jenifer Jernigan takes you on a journey through the book of Ephesians to help you fall in love with God’s word. Dive Deeper is a wonderful bible study tool written from Jenifer Jernigan’s heart. Lets all jump into the deep end and learn to love God, His word and all that He has created.