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What Would Jesus Ask?


What Would Jesus Ask? (10 questions that will transform your life)

By Jim Dixon


*Thank you to the publisher for providing a copy of this book for my honest review*


About the Book:


What Would Jesus Do? or WWJD has become ubiquitous on T-shirts, coffee mugs, wristbands and church billboards. But when trying to define the Christian life Jesus intended His followers to live, a more valuable question is What Would Jesus Ask? Readers will find that, according to the Gospels, Jesus posed hundreds of questions that taken together lay a foundation for strong, vibrant and lasting faith. As individuals or groups wrestle with Jesus’ questions, they will find the answers they need to live a more holistic and committed Christian life.


Chapter Titles


1. Are You a Spiritual Person?


2. Do You Care About Others?


3. What Kind of Leader Are You?


4. What Will Be Your Legacy?


5. Do You Have Time for God?


6. When Will You Ever Have Enough?


7. Does Your Faith Influence Your Finances?


8. What Are You Afraid Of?


9. Will You Stand With Jesus?


10. What Does a Successful Life Look Like?


About the Author:



Dr. Jim Dixon is Pastor Emeritus at Cherry Hills Community Church in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, which he founded in 1982. Cherry Hills is one of America’s fastest growing churches, according to Outreach magazine, and is considered one of the leading megachurches in the United States. Dr. Dixon is the author of Last Things Revealed: Hope for Life and the Everafter. He and his wife, Barbara, have two grown children and several grandchildren.


My Review:


What Would Jesus Ask is a wonderful resource to every Christian. Have you ever wondered what would Jesus ask you? I know I have wondered that. We all know that Jesus was the greatest Teacher to walk the earth, but how he answered the questions He was asked is remarkable. Jesus answered the question he was asked with a better question, a question that led the people to ponder on the deeper things of their lives. WOW!!! I love what Dr. Dixon says “A better question is the best answer to a good question.”


Are you ready to be challenged to examine your heart, reevaluate your goals and the values that you have? Then this book is for you!!! It really gave me a different outlook on life and my walk with God. It helped me to see exactly how I needed to align my life with my pursuit of Christ.


After each chapter you have reflection questions to help you connect deeper with Christ. I encourage you to pick up a copy today.


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