Miriam A Treasure of the Nile Novel

9781601426017Miriam: A Treasure of the Nile Novel

Mesu Andrews


Miriam, Moses sister, as worshiped El Shaddai her whole life, but at the age of eighty-six she is faced with some choices to make. Moses has returned to Egypt and shares that Yahweh has declared that Pharaoh let the Israelite’s go, free them from the slavery and bondage they have been a part of for so long. Miriam has a choice to make: her and her family stay in bondage or they go with Moses into freedom.

Change is not easy and nobody likes change but imagine living in fear, bondage and slavery for so long and witness God sending plaques, death and so much more just so you can be free from it all. Scary right? That is how the Israelite’s must have felt and the fear that Miriam must have faced. In the end they leave with Moses into uncertainty, learning to trust Moses and learning to trust God.

I loved reading Mesu’s story of Miriam and how she turned such a wonderful Biblical account into something great. This is definitely a book I recommend to all. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book for my honest review.


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