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The 40 Day Prayer Challenge


The 40 Day Prayer Challenge: Unlocking The Power

Of Partnered Prayer


Squire Rushnell & Louise DuArt

We all are looking for a way to improve our prayer life, whether it is praying alone or praying together with our spouse, our children, friends, family, or a stranger. There are so many books on the market today about prayer and sometimes its hard to choose just the one you are looking for. I have read so many books on prayer but have found one about praying together that I really love, The 40 Day Prayer Challenge: Unlocking the Power of Partnered Prayer. Written by Squire Rushnell and his wife, Louise DuArt, The 40 Day Prayer Challenge, that encourages partners to pray together for just five minutes a day for 40 days.

Praying together for sixteen years, Squire and Louise are offering step-by-step advice on where, when, and what words to use in praying with another person: your spouse, children, family members, friends or a stranger. They answer questions for you such as:

• How do we start praying together?
• Can we pray about anything?
• How do I get my mate to pray with me?
• Does romance get better when you pray together?
• Is there scientific evidence for prayer?
• What if my prayers aren’t answered?

This book is designed for anyone, young or old, single or married. I highly recommend this book to all. It has helped me and I know it can help you.

Thank you to Howard Books for providing me a copy of this book for my honest review.


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